JMD       A Congressionally Acknowledged Miner's Government As A Matter of Law

Coordination Standing
Lawfully Established September 2, 2011

Establishment Certificate
Notary Acknowledgment

State of Oregon         )
Josephine County       )

Being the Law and Needs of Mineral Estate Grantees are not feasibly accommodated by any other Establishment over the geographic area sought to be served, in pursuance to a call made August of the year 2011, miners from far and wide held a miners congress at Pottsville, Oregon, on September 2, 2011, for the purpose of establishing a Mining District, to provide Guards for their future livelihood.

After exhaustive inquiry it was moved and carried to create and name the Miner's government:

Jefferson Mining District


Finding the Nugget

There is only one congressionally mandated Coordination.

Don't be fooled by agency imposter activities such as Cooperation, Collaboration, Cooperating Agency, Partnership, or Teamwork, etc.
The imposters come in many forms - advisory councils, advisory committees, collaboratives, stakeholders,
associations, etc., none of which are governments with the power of Coordination.
For a government agency to engage such imposters, or doing any thing other than Coordination, as under current practice, shows an intention to harm people or property in that jurisdiction.
Coordination Information
Help Protect Your Rights and Property

Request to join a Work Group to bring consistency to Agency management or regulation.


Reference Material
The Federal Land Policy Management Act of 1976
FLPMA_Act.pdf     4.6 MB

The FLMPA as Amended
FLPMA as amended.pdf     1.8 MB

Federal Statutory Authority for Coordination
Federal_Statutory_Authority_for_Coordination.doc     165.5 KB

How Coordination Plans Work To Protect Your Rights
How_Coordination_Plans_Work_To_Protect_Your_Rights_By_Fred_Kelly_Grant.doc     37.0 KB

The Coordination Process - Katherine Lehman
the_coordination_process.doc     51.0 KB

Forest Service Coordination Policy
Forest_Service_Coordination_Policy_Compile_1a.doc     34.5 KB

CONGRESSIONAL RECORD - Extensions of Remarks October 23, 2000
Cong Record 1023200 Gibbons.pdf     178.4 KB

Ron Gibson's Letter To Senator Gordon Smith
Ron-Gibson-letter-to-Smith.pdf     0.6 MB

Natural Resources: The Mineral Sourcing Coordination Proposal - SWOMA
CountyofJosephineCoordinationProposalMinerals.pdf     119.5 KB

Executive Summary
       The Mining Law: The Extent of Federal Authority Over Public Domain
Fred Kelly Grant on Coordination and the Tenth Amendment
Parts 1 to 4:

Fred Kelly Grant, notable constitutional lawyer, explains that the 10th Amendment requires a powerful tool, known as Coordination, which can protect our American Private Property Rights.