Mining  & Minerals in Oregon

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Mineral Resources of Oregon

The Mineral Resources of Oregon - 1903 (book)
The Mineral Resources of Oregon - 1916 (book)
Metalliferous Mineral Deposits of the Cascade Range in Oregon - 1938 (book) 
The Economic Geological Resources of Oregon - 1912 (book) 
Strategic & Critical Minerals in Oregon: A Guide for Prospectors - 1942 (book)
Field Identification of Minerals for Oregon Prospectors - 1949 (book)
Directors Report of the Oregon State Bereau of Mines - 1913 (book) 

Mineral Resources and Mining in Southern Oregon

Geology & Ore Deposits of the Takilma-Waldo, Oregon District - 1933) (book)
Medford, Oregon as a Mining Center - 1912 (book)
Mines of the Riddles Quadrangle, Oregon - 1907 (book)
Mineral Resources of the Grants Pass Quadrangle, Oregon - 1908 (book)
Mineral Resources of South West Oregon - 1914 (book)
Distribution of Placer Gold in the Sixes River, Oregon - 1970 (book)
Oregon Metal Mines Handbook - Josephine County - 1952 (book)
Oregon Metal Mines Handbook - Jackson County - 1943 (book)
Oregon Metal Mines Handbook - Coos, Curry and Douglas County - 1940 (book)
Mining in Josephine County - 1900 (book)
Quicksilver Prospects in the Butte Falls Quadrangle - 1949 (book)
Investigation of the Shamrock Copper-Nickel Mine, Jackson County Oregon - 1952 (book)
Mining in South West Oregon: A Historic Context Statement (prepared for BLM in 1999)
Placer Mining in the Waldo Mining District (prepared for BLM in 2000)
Lands North of the Rogue (lots of mining related information. prepared for BLM in 2001)
Placer Mining on the Rogue River, Oregon, in Relation to the Fish and Fishing in that Stream - 1938 (book)
Geology & Mineral Resources of Josephine County, Oregon - 1979

The Ore Bin (the publication of the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries, which includes reports and the status of mines) 

The Ore Bin 1939
The Ore Bin 1940
The Ore Bin 1941
The Ore Bin 1942
The Ore Bin 1943
The Ore Bin 1944

Rare Oregon Maps (a great source for finding old roads, trails, mines, cabins, ghost towns and other things that the agencies have removed from current maps)

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Ashland, Oregon - 1897
Ashland, Oregon - 1983
Baker City, Oregon - 1899
Galice, Oregon - 1946
Galice, Oregon - 1989
Gold Hill, Oregon - 1983
Grants Pass, Oregon - 1905
Grants Pass, Oregon - 1986
Kerby, Oregon  - 1915
Medford, Oregon - 1933
Medford (East), Oregon - 1983
Medford (West), Oregon - 1983
Murphy, Oregon - 1986
Murphy Mountain, Oregon - 1986
Myrtle Creek, Oregon - 1987
Oregon Caves, Oregon - 1982
Quartzville, Oregon - 1985
Riddles, Oregon - 1902
Roseburg, Oregon - 1895
Sterling Creek, Oregon - 1983
Sumpter, Oregon - 1900
Talent, Oregon - 1983
Tiller, Oregon - 1944

Articles about Mining In Southern Oregon

The Underground Gold Digger - 1903 (good description of the early operation of Southern Oregon quartz mines)
Kerbyville: The Pioneer Gold Camp of Oregon - 1903
Lest we forget: Mining in Southern Oregon - 1966
Mining on Althouse Creek - 1935 (series)
The Stampede to Red Dog - 1900 (article)
Platinum in Josephine County - 1903 (article)
The Rogue River Valley Coal Fields - 1907 (article)
Mining Relics at Gold Hill, Oregon
Browntown and Hogtown (Althouse Mining District)
Gold in Jackson County
Gold in Humbug Creek
A Rich Strike at Rich Gulch: The Discovery of Gold at Jacksonville
Gold in Josephine County in 1870
Female Miners in Southern Oregon?

Mineral Resources and Mining in Eastern Oregon

Oregon Metal Mines Handbook - Grant, Morrow & Umatilla Counties - 1941 (book)
Oregon Metal Mines Handbook - Baker, Union & Wallowa Counties - 1939 (book)

Mineral Resources and Mining in North Western Oregon

Oregon Metal Mines Handbook - North West Oregon - 1951 (book)
North West Oregon's Lost Mining Districts

Mineral Resources in Northern California

California Mines & Minerals - 1899 (book) 
Mines & Mineral Resources of Shasta County, Siskiyou County & Trinity County, California - 1916 (book) 
Mines & Mineral Resources of Butte, Lassen, Modoc, Tehama & Sutter County, California - 1917 (book) 

Misc. Resources on Mining

Northwest Mines Handbook - 1918 (book)
The International Mines Handbook - 1922 (book)
Mining Districts of the United States - 1912 (book)

Hard Rock Mining Resources

The Quartz Operators Handbook - 1871 (book)
Stamp Milling: A Treatise on Practical Stamp Milling and Stamp Mill Construction - 1912 (book)



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